Cinema with Power


The M.S. Chadha Center for Global India (CGI) invites you to a series of events with Prakash Jha, eminent film maker from India and CGI Artist in Residence.

Prakash Jha

Jha is widely known for his hard-hitting social and political commentary through films that confront issues of caste, class, power, politics, corruption, patriarchy and resistance. Jha’s work transcends genres, spanning documentary film, artistic commercial cinema, and television series, and encompasses screenwriting, direction, production, and more recently, acting.

CGI will host a series of workshops, lectures and movie screenings led by Prakash Jha from April 11-28, 2023

Director Prakash Jha's visit to Princeton is co-hosted by faculty members, Professor Anu Ramaswami, Director of CGI, and Professor of History, Gyan Prakash


Events (open to the public; click each event individually to register)

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View Prakash Jha's movies online at Princeton University Library

Princeton University community members can view some of Prakash Jha's films online via Princeton University Library.

At the link, click login, select Princeton University, and login using your PU ID.